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Anyone who is even remotely associated with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) will remember the wondrous and versatile dynamism of Late Shri Dindayal Biyani. He was a great visionary who was gifted with out of the box thinking. His acumen in predicting the volatile nature of the markets earned him significant respect in the entire Share & Stock Brokers Association.

He could rightly tap the potential of the great revenue and channelize it to materialize in the best deals which proved to be fruitful in more sense than one. The progress of this visionary entrepreneur is synonymous to that of the great Bombay Stock Exchange. His firm beliefs and value system made him an epitome of integrity.

With his strong value system in place, he transformed his dream into a reality. He wove the magical web of his dreams into the Dindayal Group which has continued to grow and expand, taking the core value system of the founder with it. The coming generations too helped in the growth of the organization and soon included Agro commodities. Later Dindayal group diversified into Renewable energy generation, trading and import/export of precious metals, gems and jewllery and eventually into Guar Gum industry.

Presently the reign of the group is held firmly in the hands of Mr Shyamsunder Biyani and Mr Laxmikant Biyani. Being honest and upright in every deal is an integral part of this group which consheir presence, no matter how minuscule is their contribution.


Dindayal Biyani Stock Brokers have been an integral part of the Bombay Stock Exchange since 1965. It expanded the scope of its working took the membership of National Stock Exchange in the year 1986.

Ever since its inception, way back in 1965 the Dindayal Group has been incessantly striving to give you nothing but the best. We are like the compass which leads the investors in the right direction, to their financial goals.

We are rapidly growing and progressing thanks to the unbreakable trust and  faith which our clients have for us and also to our long list of loyal patrons which keeps getting bigger with each passing day. We have expanded and stepped into the Forex business. We have made a mark as one of the well known brokerage firms of India which gives their clients complete and detailed investment advice and provides impeachable services to various financial institutions and high and ultra high net worth individuals.

We are known to channelize wealth and make it multiply manifold. We provide our customers with the expert guidance and ensure that their revenue is safe and they earn optimum returns.

FOREX or Foreign Exchange market is truly a market which never sleeps & is one of the most volatile ones in the world. Dindayal Biyani Stock Brokers Ltd has a team of competent members who have mastered the art of FOREX trading and are successful in dishing out revenue. Thanks to their hawk eyed observations of the global trends.

Simply put, FOREX is nothing but foreign exchange, but it is a much deeper studied art which needs a keen observation and an inherent sense of intuition of where the winds will blow in the present times.

The founders of Dindayal Biyani Stock Brokers Ltd have carefully handpicked each professional mastermind and have trusted them with the finances of their clients.

Dindayal Group has spread its wings and has diversified into precious metals & stones by becoming a member of Multi commodity exchange (MCX) & National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). It has spearheaded the brand of Dindayal Commodities pvt ltd.

Dindayal Commodities Pvt Ltd has been accorded as a Star Trading House by Government of India & has been nominated as an agency by the Ministry of Commerce, India which has enabled the group to import Gold & Silver under its own brand name.

In the area of export too, Dindayal Group has carved a niche and created a unique identity. The Group works as leading trader & exporter of gold ornaments, bars and medals. The scope of the company expands to the export of diamonds, gems & precious stones.

Having vast experience of dealing into bullion trade, we as a group started to do forward integration of Import/Export of jewelry. We have our jewelry manufacturing unit in SurSez (Export promotion zone) Surat, Gujarat State (INDIA) as Surat is hub for diamonds.

Jewelry Mfg Unit:
Unit No. 122, Plot no. 295
SURSEZ, Nr. Sachin Railway Station
Sachin, Surat – 394230 (India)

Dindayal Group has flown high and has catered to the needs of the ecliptically financial markets. Despite this hard earned success, they have remained down to earth and are also dealing with numerous agro commodities.

Dindayal Commodities is presently a member of the NCDEX and indulges in trade of commodities such as jeera, rubber, guar, pepper, methane oil etc.

The company has spread its wings throughout the nation its offices are in and around Mumbai, Jodhpur, Surat, Chandausi and Kochi.The company has obtained the mandatory tax registration for various states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, U.P. and Rajasthan.

Dindayal Group is known for its diversity and versatility. It has ushered progress and welcomed it wholeheartedly.

The group has always been committed to a clean, green and healthy environment.

The group knows that as world citizens it is our collective responsibility to ensure that everyone on earth inherits a clean and green environment.

This attitude has helped the Group to take proactive steps to create awareness amongst the community for the need of a Greener tomorrow and Eco-friendly energy. Dindayal group has set up solar plant at Rajasthan.

We at Dindayal group strive to provide with solutions for better tomorrow. Dichem Manufacturing Inc, a joint venture between Dindayal Group and UVI/Chemoil products is engaged in manufacturing of Guar Gum Derivatives.

Our world class plant at Jodhpur, Rajasthan is equipped with latest technology to ensure highest quality.

Dichem has over 275,000 SQ.FT. warehouse facility in Houston, Texas ensuring steady and on demand supply of Guar Gum products at competitive prices thereby helping our customers meet their demands in this highly volatile commodity.

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Nutritious Food is imperative for breeding healthy cattle and poultry. Hence, We at Dindayal Group are committed to develop and provide natural premium protein ingredients for your feed products.

We produce high protein feed ingredient made up of all natural material and processed with latest technology to ensure highest quality. Carefully selected raw materials combined with our commitment to quality and competitive prices help us meet all customer demands.